Tuesday, 9 May 2017

We Have a T.B.D. Government!

As I type this, the current BC election results show this:

If this projection holds true, BC technically won't have a government Wednesday morning. Although that would still be better than the government we had prior to this election so... cup half full?

Most people outside of BC might not understand why I dislike our provincial Liberals - but Trudeau's a Liberal!! - but they are not Liberals. They are Socreds in Liberal colours. After Bill Vander Zalm had to resign due to a conflict of interest (and an ensuing scandal surrounding it), the Socreds were all but decimated in our 1991 election. After that, many of their members moved to the Liberals and then dragged the Liberal party into the right-wing.

Our current Liberal party, which held a majority government so they stood unopposed, has cut funding to education while increasing the amount of that education money that is supposed to go towards private schools, cut funding to our health system while increasing the monthly insurance payments (the payments themselves don't actually go into the healthcare budget, they go into the general budget for the current government to dole out however they see fit), they have awarded contracts to their biggest party donors, and the list goes on. Also, Christie Clark has dead eyes and they freak me out.

What does this mean for these election results? Well, it comes down to who woos the Green party first and forms a coalition. Based on previous comments made by the leader of the Green party, that means it is highly likely we'll have a Liberal-Green coalition.

What does that mean for the future of BC? In the words of Jimmy Rabbitte from 'the Commitments', "I'm fucked if I know, Terry."

I had such a crush on Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins) when I was young.

EDIT: I checked the result before I posted and it hadn't change in the projection. I posted. Then I checked and now it's showing a Liberal minority government. I'm off to bed now so if it changes again... you'll just have to wait for tomorrow's post.

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