Saturday, 29 March 2014

Friday Night

On Monday, I an email exchange with my coworker.

ME: I don't usually start planning to drink on Friday night on Monday, but it's one of those days.
HER: HA! It's 8:23.
ME: I know.

On Tuesday I picked up my gym bag to get changed before catching the bus, got distracted by a question from a coworker which turned into a conversation, and 25 minutes later was setting the gym bag down on my dinning table while realising that I had completely forgotten about bootcamp.

It was just one of those weeks. In the back of my mind was the continuing thought that Friday night would mean a bottle of wine. While on one hand that was fun, on the other I found it stressful.

To most people, a glass of wine after a long week is nothing, but in my early/mid twenties I had to deal with two alcoholics in my immediate family. At a time when my friends didn't give too thoughts to the amount of alcohol they would consume on a weekend, I became hyperaware of every drink that passed my lips. I became especially aware of when I was drinking alone. When I stopped living with roommates, I stopped drinking unless I was with people.

Yet here I was, spending a whole week planning a night of drinking by myself.

Last night, I curled up in my pyjamas with my Chinese delivery dinner, my wine in a TARDIS mug, two purring cats, and Tangled in the DVD player.

I can not think of a better way to have ended that week.

Here's to a better week ahead.

Question: what was good about your week? Cheer me up, people!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

I Should Probably Start Wearing a Toga

Beware the Ides of March! Beware friends brandishing knives in the forum.

It was not my intent to go from one Roman day-of-note to the next one between posts but somethings that's what happens when you're busy being awesome. Yeah, let's go with awesome. I celebrated the Ides by waking up way too early after a night of drinking to clean gutters at my dad's house. Kind of hard to stab someone in the name of the Roman Republic when you're six feet up a ladder, dripping pine needles down your shirt, longing for some Tylenol.

Anyway, it's time for a random post because I have a lot of random thoughts in my head at the moment.

1. Running is on hold. My running partner, Katie, has been in physio due to a car accident a few months back. On her physio's orders on Thursday, she has to stop running. I'm not going to lie, without a running partner I'm not sure I'll have the get-up-and-go to continue lunch-time runs, especially with projects meaning lots of meetings with people I probably shouldn't be stinky around and evenings at the gym not leaving any other time to run.

I will still walk the TC10K because I promised someone I would moonwalk across the finish line. Silly promises like that obviously have to be kept!

2. To make myself feel better, I've listened to this cover of Frozen's "Let It Go" about three dozen times. I'm in love with it:

3. Warning: Rugby talk ahead. Ireland won Six Nations this year with a win over France this morning. There was a lot of smack talk between myself and some certain French macaron proprietors prior to the game. Sadly, the next time I'll get my macarons with a side of sports sass won't be until the World Cup. It's going to be a long three months.

4. Today's rugby game was also the last game for Brian O'Driscoll in an Ireland jersey. This is a bitter-sweet moment for Ireland fans. BOD, as his is affectionately known, has done great things for Irish rugby. He is also a fantastic humanitarian. I recommend having a hanky nearby while you watch this video.

5. I am obsessed with BBC's The Musketeers. I'm actually more excited about watching it on Sunday nights than I am about The Walking Dead and that's saying a lot. I think part of that might be simply because I've been watching a lot of fairly heavy drama TV shows and while this is definitely drama, it's a lot lighter in tone. 

Witty dialogue and a cute cast also helps.

6. Alumni Band season is starting up again. In other news, I'm a gigantic nerd. 

7.  St. Patrick's Day is on Monday. You know, just in case you somehow weren't aware of the biggest drinking day in the world.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy Roman New Year!

If you never did get around to making New Year's Resolutions and are feeling a bit bummed about that, never fear! Today is the Roman New Year so make those resolutions now! (Perhaps "procrastinate less" should be on that list.)

I think I'm hilarious the first 20 minutes after I wake up.

Without even remembering that today is the Roman New Year, I made a reference at work on Friday about Caesar crossing the Rubicon with an armed legion to start a civil war. It was a replacement for the oft used "is the Pope Catholic?" yes response, but the amount of time I then spent explaining what it meant to cross the Rubicon with armed legions and Caesar's reasons for wanting to start a civil war made it abundantly clear that next time I'll just say 'yes'.

Over all, February was a fantastic month. I attended the Victoria Film Festival for the sixth year in a row (and highly recommend both Good Vibrations and The Stag - I swear it's just a coincidence that they're both Irish films), made it to the gym enough times to average out my less-than-stellar-January-attendance, bought a Venus Fly Trap and promptly named it Aphrodite, failed at making macarons, watched the extended Lord of the Rings and knitted a scarf so I could say it was productive time well spent, and made another big deadline at work. My coworkers celebrated making the deadline by making me a Darth Vadar cake. For all their blank stares after the Caesar-and-the-Rubicon email, sometimes my coworkers totally get me.

The only downside to the month was the death of Harold Ramis. I had such a crush on Egon when I was growing up because he was smart and awkward and nerdy, someone I could totally identify with. He was and always will be my favourite Ghostbuster. 

Source (original artist)
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I'm excited to see what March will bring!

Question: Any indie or small film recommendations?