Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Tour of Norn Iron

So much to talk about but so little time.

In the meantime, Harp Lager and satirical news site The Ulster Fry teamed up for "Pure Here and There". Harp released a bunch of cans for the various Northern Ireland* counties and Belfast, and the lads at The Ulster Fry "travelled" around Northern Ireland in a Harp van filming commercials. Days have been long and busy these past few weeks, so I've been watching these videos on repeat a LOT.

*In the some of northern accents, 'Northern Ireland' tends to sound a wee bit like 'Norn Iron'.

You can see all the videos on The Ulster Fry's site (start at the bottom to watch them in order) but I wanted to share my two favourites with you,

Co. Armagh (my favourite because a. I've got family there and b. there's an appearance by Rory Best)

Co. Antrim (I laughed so hard at the Larne joke that I scared the cat)

Go. Check out all the videos over at The Ulster Fry... just don't use any of their 'facts' at your next dinner party ;)