About Me

Who am I?

I'm AndreaClaire, a 30-something geeky gal who lives on Canada's West Coast.

I have two cats, Linden and Tosio. They're named after hockey players, Trevor Linden and Renato Tosio. You'll probably spot them around the blog on a fairly regular basis. If not on here, then definitely on my Instagram.

I love to travel. I occasionally craft. I read science blogs for fun. I'm a member of my high school alumni band. I work in an office. I have finally found a position that I love and find myself using phrases such as "my career path". I think I may have been replaced by a pod person around the time I got this position.

I memorized my library card number. Not consciously, it just happened because I use it about once a week. I play board games and am slowly growing my own collection. I occasionally live a healthy lifestyle. I much more regularly eat Doritos. I'm trying to be better at balancing these two things.

I used to hide in the bathroom stalls at high school to read my Star Trek novels. Now I read what ever the hell I want where ever the hell I want. I am the best couch coach hockey has never seen. Ditto for soccer. And rugby. I also have a love for hurling and Gaelic football but I don't try to couch coach them. I'd be a lousy couch coach for those two.

I love my family but I still sometimes wish I could trade in one of my brothers for a sister. I've watched every episode of all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1... twice. I've watched entire seasons of Game of Thrones in one day with my younger brother. I've never won a game of Monopoly against my older brother. He was always the banker. I'm pretty sure those two points are related.

I'm occasionally witty.

More often, I'm just long winded.

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