Monday, 7 May 2018

Bits and Bobs

I keep thinking "once this next busy period is over, I'll get back to my neglected blog", but before the anticipated end can come, another busy period starts up. And round and round it goes.

I think this is my life now: just feeling tired all the time. Perhaps retirement will finally allow me to feel rested. Only 26 more years to go!

In amongst the busy, I had a holiday to Mexico.

I went to Melaque to visit my dad who lives down there part time. I was there over St. Patrick's Day which happens to be a big celebration in this part of Mexico. Part of the area is called San Patricio in honour of the St. Patrick's Battalion, so they use the saint day to pay honour to both the saint and the battalion. As my dad actually is Irish...

I can honestly say that I never expected I'd match in a St. Patrick's Day parade. I really never expected to be marching in in Mexico!

I also decided that I was going back to Tanzania later this year. I was planning a trip to Mongolia (and it's still definitely on the list for a future trip), but Jifundishe is short-staffed for a month in the Fall and Anande knows how to twist my arm. Fine! I will sacrifice my travel plans to help them out. And by sacrifice, I mean jump-at-any-excuse-I-can-to-go-back.

Soon, my love. Soon!

On a slightly related note, I love this video.

Like many places divvied up by colonialism, Kenya and Tanzania contain many of the same tribes that are now separated by a border. So, while the video is of Kenya, much of it is familiar to my time in Tanzania.

I'm also loving the new video from Childish Gambino (Donald Glover). Every time I watch it, it is so hard to look at anything except him because he's a) a damn fine dancer, and b) the only person or thing that is always in focus. But make sure you look past him and see what is going on in the blurry background.

There's so much I want to say about this video, but it's late and I should be in bed. Instead, I'm just going to link to this article on Bustle which covers a lot of items I want to comment on.