Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy Roman New Year!

If you never did get around to making New Year's Resolutions and are feeling a bit bummed about that, never fear! Today is the Roman New Year so make those resolutions now! (Perhaps "procrastinate less" should be on that list.)

I think I'm hilarious the first 20 minutes after I wake up.

Without even remembering that today is the Roman New Year, I made a reference at work on Friday about Caesar crossing the Rubicon with an armed legion to start a civil war. It was a replacement for the oft used "is the Pope Catholic?" yes response, but the amount of time I then spent explaining what it meant to cross the Rubicon with armed legions and Caesar's reasons for wanting to start a civil war made it abundantly clear that next time I'll just say 'yes'.

Over all, February was a fantastic month. I attended the Victoria Film Festival for the sixth year in a row (and highly recommend both Good Vibrations and The Stag - I swear it's just a coincidence that they're both Irish films), made it to the gym enough times to average out my less-than-stellar-January-attendance, bought a Venus Fly Trap and promptly named it Aphrodite, failed at making macarons, watched the extended Lord of the Rings and knitted a scarf so I could say it was productive time well spent, and made another big deadline at work. My coworkers celebrated making the deadline by making me a Darth Vadar cake. For all their blank stares after the Caesar-and-the-Rubicon email, sometimes my coworkers totally get me.

The only downside to the month was the death of Harold Ramis. I had such a crush on Egon when I was growing up because he was smart and awkward and nerdy, someone I could totally identify with. He was and always will be my favourite Ghostbuster. 

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I'm excited to see what March will bring!

Question: Any indie or small film recommendations?

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