Thursday, 18 May 2017


I hit checkout time at work today and all I could think about was this gif.

It's just been one of those work weeks and I still have one day to go. Ugh.

On the upside, I now have my stepmom's grandma's fine china. I know, that relationship connection is a bit of a ride. It sounds like the start of an urban legend. To keep it simple, she's grandma from here on out because that's what I actually called her when she was alive. When grandma moved into her first assisted living home, she gave the china to my stepmom. I've been asking for it since I was... five? I don't ever remember not being vocal about wanting the china. I am forever grateful that my little brother was a brother because he had zero interest in it.

As of last night, the china is mine. Half of it is. The other half was still in my stepmom's storage. It will be mine soon!

I'd post a picture but I haven't unpacked mine yet and there are a lot of rose china patterns so... you'll see it some day.

Another upside is that a cousin is coming to visit in a few weeks. YAY!

Finally, I'm spending this weekend volunteering at the Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival. I'm volunteering with the hurling matches so I'll be surrounded by the Irish diaspora while I'm there. Still, I'll be sure to venture over to the Scottish exhibitions for the lovely... views ;)

It's sure to be a great weekend.

Maybe I can make it through that last day of work.

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