Saturday, 20 May 2017

Highland Games 2017 Day One

Day One in the bag and I'm beat. 

I had a fun time volunteering with the hurling. The clubs pretty much take care of the games, so my job was getting the water set up and then explaining hurling to the spectators that came to watch. Quite possibly the easiest volunteering gig of the whole weekend, but I'm as happy as a clam.

Once my shift was over, I went to visit the dog events. I caught the end of the herding and was really impressed to learn that the sheep used had never been hearded by a dog prior to Thursday. They were amazingly calm.

They sheep were hearded into a holding pen where they would stay until the sheep shearing demonstration. While I love the sheep shearing (the woman who does it every year is incredible!) I needed to sit down so I moved on.

Who's a good boy? Are  you a good boy? Yes, you are. You're a good boy.
 I missed the falconry demonstrations, but I did get to watch this guy eat half a quail. That was something.

I did catch Blood & Iron's sword demonstration. It was really interesting and I hope I can catch the full demonstration Sunday or Monday.

And the highlight of the day? They have Tayto Crisps!!! I posted this picture on various social media and now I have three different orders to pick them up for friends and family. Hey Tayto, it's time to expand into Canada!

Looking forward to see what the rest of the weekend holds.

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