Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sunday Sundries

I didn't post on Friday and Saturday as I really had nothing to say. Incredibly, day three and I still don't really have much to say. Well, unless you really want to hear about buying new sheets.

1. I had brunch at Spinnakers this morning. I've been a disappointed with their evening service the past few times I've been there, but the brunch was fantastic. Definitely going to make the trip out to Esquimalt for it again. Especially given how beautiful the view is... which I didn't take a picture of because the company was fun.

2. I started the weekend with dinner at the Flying Otter. Nothing says summer quite like that first beverage on the floating restaurant. After a lackluster spring, summer is here and it makes me happy.

First mojito of the summer.
After dinner, we walked to the end of the pier. Looking back at the Empress.

I can't believe May is over in a matter of days. I'm still thinking April was just last week.

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