Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sports Ball

This video appeared in my Facebook feed today.

The other countries making bids for 2023 are South Africa and France. They've both previously hosted the World Cup - South Africa in 1995* and France in 2007 - so I'm hoping that works in Ireland's favour. Ireland's hosting the Women's Rugby World Cup later this year in August, so fingers crossed that goes well and also works to their advantage. 

Any excuse to visit the family. 😉

Keeping with the sports talk, I decided I was going to give baseball a chance this season to see if I could become a fan. I've always sort of poo-pooed American football and baseball - wimpy rugby and too slow, respectively - but I have some very good friends who are fans. Having never really watched either sport, I decided that I should give them a chance. Well, I'll give baseball a chance. American football will remain wimpy rugby until the day I die. 

The best way to become invested in a sport is to follow a team, so I sat down in March and made a list of what I wanted in a team so I could narrow it down. I didn't want Toronto Blue Jays or Seattle Mariners because they have large fan-bases in Victoria and I wanted to find a team that I wouldn't be quizzed on by people judging how committed I am as a fan. I wanted a team that had a chance at a post season, I wanted a team that didn't have a racist name or mascot, that had a history to learn, etc, etc. 

I ended up going with the Baltimore Orioles and, so far, they've been a good choice. Dare I say it? I actually look forward to getting the game updates on my phone app.

Might actually make a baseball fan out of me yet.

*This was the Rugby World Cup portrayed in 'Invictus'. If you enjoyed the movie, I highly recommend the book it was based on, 'Playing the Enemy'.

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