Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Sundries

This post is going to be a round of various ideas/links/stuff that don't really deserve their own post.

1. Congratulations to France for not electing a nazi. Okay, not a nazi, but a very, very, very, very right-wing politician.

 2. In less happy news, Venezuela is a mess. I know that it is tearing my Venezuelan friends apart not being there to support the protesters but on the other hand, it means that there are people outside of Venezuela to make sure the videos and pictures are shared with a larger audience. If you're unsure about why this is happening, this video is a good starting point.

3. I have been working my way through all of the Star Treks over the past few years. On Friday, I started season 7 of Voyager. I'm so close to finishing. It will be oddly bittersweet when I do. Now what am I going to do on Friday nights when I have a long week? On the upside, it will help me level up in my fake World of Nerdcraft.

4. BC saw it's highest turnout of advance voters in our current election. I was one of the advance voters and it took me all of 10 minutes to walk to the polling station, cast my ballot and walk home. I love advance voting because a) if something happens and I can't go when I planned then I can still go on Election Day, and b) the wait lines are almost non-existent. 

5. I was telling a friend about the movie, What We Did On Our Summer Holiday, and was reminded of this scene.

A lovely sentiment I think we would all do well to remember as we move through life. 

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