Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Year Ahead, Part Two

During my Christmas shopping, I came across a 50th anniversary box set of James Bond with all 26 movies. Regularly priced at $270, it was on sale for $150. As a fan of James Bond since I saw "For Your Eyes Only" when I was 8, how could I pass that up?

When I got home, I ripped open the packaging and flipped through the beautiful pictures. So pretty! I pulled out "Dr. No" only to realise that I had bought Blu-Ray. I don't have a Blu-Ray player.

While that's an easy and inexpensive problem to solve,  it seemed a little ridiculous to set up a Blu-Ray for my laptop monitor. I decided to forego cable 5 years ago this month, so when my 8 year old K-mart Special crapped out six months after that then I didn't both replacing it. Everything came in through my laptop anyway. Flash forward to 26 Blu-Ray James Bond movies and an aging laptop... it was time to get a new TV.

After a few weeks of doing my homework of the best bang for my buck - my friend who knows TVs gave me three recommendations - I bought a new TV this past weekend. The first thing I did was watch Skyfall and I love this new piece of technology more than I should probably admit. If we're Facebook friends or you follow me on Instagram, none of this is news to you because I was so ridiculously happy with my TV that I had to share it with the world.

But it's not just the new TV that has me excited. While contemplating the purchase, I started thinking about how much I miss cable. Specifically, I miss sports. I miss hockey games on in the background while I cook dinner and I miss soccer games on while I recover from a hangover. The reality is that there are only so many times you can go out to watch a game. I'm getting sports again! With my little brother now living in my neighbourhood, we're already talking about having a big Irish fry up for the important Liverpool games.

As for Bond? Well, that's a series that's meant to be shared, especially the older Bond movies. I could never have had Bond nights when I just had the laptop, but I fully plan on having Bond nights now that I have a snazzy new TV.

Who would have thought that purchasing a TV - a passive form of entertainment - would mean an increase in my social life?

And in case you didn't hear the rumours of who might be replacing Daniel Craig, I'll just leave this here:


  1. Is Daniel Craig on his way out already!?!?! I have to admit I was surprised when he was chosen because he didn't fit the mould but he's grown on me!

    1. He was only signed on for four films and he's said in interviews for Skyfall that the physical side of film the franchise was getting difficult as he got older. It hasn't been confirmed if he's definitely done after Spectre but that's what the rumour mill seems to be saying.