Sunday, 15 February 2015

Socialising Like a Normal Person

I have been writing a lot lately. However, as none of it has been blog related, you'd never know it based on what's been happening here! I have also finally been enjoying a social life since the craziness of the work project and Christmas have finally settled down. It's been really nice to remember that I have friends. Like actual don't-just-live-in-my-text-messages-or-Facebook friends.

It's been nice to remember there is a world beyond my apartment, my office and the walk between the two. Walks to Government House, nights out at pubs, lunches with friends, movie nights that are actually planned in advance, coffees dates, and walks along Dallas Rd, Oh my goodness, I have a life!! I even went out for Valentine's Day!!

I went out with another single friend to watch overly hairy men tromp around on an oversized screen, but whatever. I went out for Valentine's Day!

So random catch up post.

1. In amongst all this socialising, there's been a lot of TV watching. I have two recommendations that I want to share with everyone.


Agent Carter

(Also, follow Hayley Atwell on all the social medias. I dare you not to fall in love with her. I want to be her new best friend. We'd probably need bail money. Lots of bail money.)

2. I was hoping to give a review of a pedometer I bought shortly after Christmas. Pretty much the review was going to go something like this:

But then it went missing. I knew it was somewhere it my apartment. Sure enough, it turned up! On top of my washing! After the washing had gone through the washing machine.

I'm going to get a new one because I really did love the little thing. It's not the fanciest pedometer out there but it had a built in game and the more you moved the more energy you got for the game. Really, I just a giant 8 year old; I loved the game and now I'm going to pout about my destroyed pedometer.

3. I got the nicest complement from a friend at work. Nice... and wildly in appropriate. She works in HR. I love my office.

4. I went to a Tragically Hip concert on February 4th. The Hip is one of those bands that I have loved since I first discovered there were radio stations other than CBC. It was a fantastic night and my crush on Johnny Fay (the drummer) is still going strong after 25 years. My only disappointment is that they didn't play Music at Work. You know what that means...

However, every other song on my "I hope they play this" list was played. YAY!

5. Lonely Planet has a new Tanzania edition coming out June 2015. I know at least one person who reads here who might be interested to know that.

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