Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 and I'm Already Behind

Hard to believe we're already a week into 2015. I welcomed in the year by making boozy hot chocolate and watching way too many episodes of Merlin. I've watched parts of the series but hadn't seen it from beginning to end. I'm making up for that now! This was all brought on when I watched Series 2 of the Fall while recovering from Christmas, and saw that this guy had gone from this

to this

Why, hello! Older looks good on him. His name is Colin Morgan and he's from Armagh, so if you want to know what my Irish family sounds like then listen to an interview with him.

It's normal this time of year for one to set out some goals for the coming year but I thought before I did that, I'd review last year's resolutions/goals/what-ever-term-you-prefer.

1. Go to kickboxing/bootcamp at least 11 times a month
Prior to the craziness of work in the Fall, I actually did really well on this one. There were two months where I didn't make the goal due to illness or injury but there were very few nights were I didn't go by choice. So I'm calling this one not a total fail.

River Tam is  my kickboxing inspiration

2. Run two 10Ks
Not even close on this one. Fail.

3. Start the process of becoming certified in Instructional Design
Work craziness prevented this one from being completed, so while it's a fail, it also means that I've done all the prep work for figuring out what courses I want to do this year.

4. Improve my German
I meant to sit down and figure out what my goal would be for judging improvement on this goal... but I never did. Still, I'm a lot more confident in my use of German now than I was at this time last year so I'm calling this one a win.

To recap, a visual representation of my 2014 resolutions:

What does that mean for 2015?

Go to kickboxing/bootcamp at least 11 times a month is still on the table for this year. Except it will have a small little asterisk beside it because if I get into my desired course, then I'll have to re-evaluate this goal as I will probably just cut back to only kickboxing.

The preceding paragraph probably makes it clear that Start the process of becoming certified in Instructional Design is also still on the table.

This also doubles as a representation of me at 3D movies

Running is off the table as far as actual goals go. And German? I still fully intend to keep up with it, however, I have a new language goal for 2015. Bring my Swahili back to a conversational level. This goal is a direct result of the fact that the groundwork has already begun for a return to Tanzania in late 2016.

Go back and read that last sentence to make sure you actually go it. I'll wait.

Returning to Tanzania is something I've wanted to do since pretty much the day I got back. I've received a verbal okay from work to amass all my vacation and vacation carry-over for a prolonged visit. I've been walking around my apartment randomly spouting off Swahili words ever since.

I'll see you soon-ish, Mt. Meru!

Still, I have 2015 to get through before that happens. I'm looking forward to what this year can bring.

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