Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I have to interrupt the scheduled Ireland memory posts for two very important reasons:

1. I accidentally scheduled this week's posts for next week because apparently I don't calendar.


Sort of.

In a way.

All that "I'm too busy to even tell you how busy I am"? It's done! Or, almost done. The brunt of it is done. There are still a few things to be cleaned up, a few people to still train, and a couple of t's to cross, etc, etc. But last week, I left work on time twice.


It was like winning the lottery except better somehow.

And this past weekend? I didn't have to go into the office at all. The fact that I didn't spend the entire weekend in my pyjamas, on my couch, and so drunk I confused dusk and dawn has more to do with the fact that a friend needed me to house sit than any self-control on my part.

Amidst all the craziness of the last three months, I was made a regular full-time employee in my department. I have a job after December 31st and even better? It's doing something I absolutely love.

There are not happy Pingu gifs in the world to show how happy I am about the work part of my life right now.

Also, there will be some semblance of regularity and order to the blog commencing shortly.

That's all. We'll be back to the Ireland posts shortly.

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