Saturday, 15 November 2014

Always With the Random

I didn't mean to just drop off the face of the blogosphere (again) after the last post but remember how many times I've mentioned "I'm busy"?  Yeah. That. Random catch-up post? Yup. Professionally written with logical segues? HA HA HA! Nope.

1. I (finally) finished recapping my trip to Ireland that I took in May. I know. Shocking! I wanted to start posting them once I was done, but I felt like I needed to remind people I had gone to Ireland and I wasn't just randomly posting about Ireland. By the way, you can find the two previous posts of this trip here.

2. Speaking of Ireland, my brother sent me this video:

Just watching that gives me chills!

Investec is the financial backers for the Monaghan GAA, and Gaelic Football is the GAA of note in Monaghan. I always preferred hurling growing up because of reasons, but in the last five years, Gaelic Football has started to grow on me. If you're curious as to what makes Gaelic football different from other versions of football, watch this video.

The poem recited in the video is by Patrick Kavanagh, who came from Monaghan and was the occasional drinking buddy of my granddad. If we ever go drinking, there is a good chance I'll sing Kavanagh's most famous poem, On Raglan Road, to you. It's kind of my drinking thing.

How convenient that my cousin lives close to Raglan Rd!

3. Remember when you wanted to be friends with someone in Grade One, you'd just go up to them on the playground and say do you want to be friends? and then (assuming they say 'yes') you're friends? I wish it was that easy as adults. Never mind having a talk with someone you're dating when you want to start being exclusive, we need to start having talks with acquaintances we want to be friends with. "So, I've been thinking a lot about us and where we're heading as social beings who interact..."

4. One of my favourite ways to unwind after a stressful day is to drink an entire box of wine plan possible vacation itineraries. This way of unwinding does play a part in why I haven't been blogging (as well as the whole leaving-work-at-6pm-every-day-when-I-actually-get-off-at-4) and it also means that I have a lot of tentative itineraries currently sitting on my computer. If you guys are looking for some travel ideas, shoot me a country. Chances are, I have an itinerary for it. I really should have gone into tourism. 

As dorky as Rick Steves is, I am madly jealous that he made travel his life.

5. If you haven't already seen it, you should go see Big Hero 6. And bring some tissues because

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