Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It Shouldn't be this Challenging!

I tried to reschedule the Ireland posts so they would start again last Thursday... except I scheduled the next one for this Thursday. Calendars are hard!

One of my job duties these past three months was to schedule over 600 people from 8 separate organisations into non-sequential, multi-day training sessions and webinars. I'm like an MIT mathematician who can't balance her own cheque book.

I have a week off coming up and I'm hoping that some couch time will set my calendar abilities back to right. Who am I kidding? I have three months of not-just-wiping-the-counter cleaning to do. Still, I can clean my apartment wearing my pyjamas and that's all I care about.

Let's be honest, if I had a French maid outfit...

I attended a work celebration on Friday night for our project. I really enjoy these types of events because it gives us a chance to socialize with people in other departments that we only know from meetings. We had so much fun that I may have implied that I would host an outside-of-work social event at my apartment in January. Did I mention the free drink tokens from my company? I probably should have mentioned the free drinks.

Also, party at my place sometime in January. Everyone's invited! Apparently.

After using up my drink tokens a reasonable amount of work socializing, I left for the Quote-Along Anchorman event in support of Movember. I never knew that wearing a fake moustache, drinking a beer, and yelling" I LOVE LAMP!" with a bunch of like-minded people in a movie theatre was on my bucket list but it is definitely retroactively on my bucket list. If you ever get a chance to attend a Quote-Along, DO IT!

I think I  just decided on a theme for the January party.

I woke up Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow. My dad phoned me and told me not to come out because of the weather. We were planning on going out for lunch and he didn't want to drive in the not-even-an-inch-of-snow. Snow is Victoria's kryptonite. I'd laugh at how ridiculously unprepared this city is for any sort of real snow but then we also do our flower count in February so suck it, rest of Canada.

Free of all daughterly duties, I went back to bed. Save for venturing out to see a friend on Saturday night for board games, that was pretty much the rest of my weekend. Honestly? Best weekend I've had in a long time.

If there isn't an Ireland post on here tomorrow evening, feel free to laugh at me on all the social media. Goodness knows, I will be!

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