Friday, 19 September 2014

The Reluctant Athlete: I'm Sick

I knew that with the way work is at the moment, I was going to get run down and that would probably result in me getting sick. What I wasn't expecting was for it to happen so soon in the project. We still have over 2 months to go and I'm taking this afternoon so I can sleep on my couch and hopefully feel better soon. But then I looked at my schedule for the past month and realised that I haven't had any time off.

My work days have been long, but my weekends have also been chalk-a-block full of activities such as painting at my dad's and going in to work to do all the things I didn't get to during the week. It's just like the weekends I dreamed of having when I would think about 'being an adult' when I was young! (Honestly, can anyone remind me why we in such a rush to 'grow up' when we were little? Oh, right. So we could set our own bedtimes.)

I started feeling the achy-oh-crap-don't-get-sick feeling on Tuesday so the fact that I've made it to Friday without letting it win makes me pretty happy. The downside is that standing over a stove to cook or at the counter to prep food seems like some Herculean task that was beyond my skill set this week so my food choices were, well, I stopped tracking because they were that bad. It also means that instead of writing a post Wednesday night and posting it yesterday, I would finish up any work I had brought home with me and then go to bed. Glorious, glorious bed!

Here's hoping an afternoon off work, a night of going to bed during the single-digit hours, and a relatively quiet weekend of golf (it's for work) and dinosaurs (I won tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs) has me back on track for next week.

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