Monday, 16 May 2016

One Step Closer to Being a Queen

Update on my teeth: if you put on money on root canal, you'd be wrong. TWO ROOT CANALS, BABY!

Wait. Why am I happy about that?

Also, I'm getting a crown. My teeth are royalty. I mean, I'm still a peasant but whatever.

Happily, my jaw was better in time for the annual Reynolds Alumni Band Mother's Day Concert. Nerd goal complete! Is it wrong that our annual concert is one of the highlights in my year?

Sax 4 life!
We had our social closer for this year's Alumni Band last Thursday. Thirty- and forty-something band geeks drinking with our former band teacher who we all idolised? It was pretty much doomed to be the saddest thing you will ever see in your life. I should know. I've gone to the social closer 5 years in a row now.

I finally remembered to step on the scale in the early morning (I didn't even have to leave myself a nasty note) and was pleasantly surprised to see that I'm down 7 lbs since the start of March. Given a bit of a slip up in food choices in March (also known as when some shitty things happened to people I love), I'm happy with that number. I had noticed a change in how my clothes were fitting me and that I was looking smaller through the midsection, but it's nice to have a number to go with those changes. I feel like I should celebrate.

Unrelated to this post, but I started watching Suits on Netflix.
Why am I always the last to find awesome shows?
My dear friends, Noah and Rachel (not their real names), have been having a rough go of it. Noah was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome 10 years ago. This past November, he took a turn for the worse and as a result, Noah is unable to assist much with work around the property so I try to get over as often as I can to help out. This past weekend, I got to be a lumberjack. It's something I got to help with at my dad's house growing up. I kind of miss it. Felling trees and stacking wood is oddly fun and satisfying.

The maples were extending out past the shed. It meant that the shed couldn't be used
for storage because it remained dark, damp, and mouldy.
That will not be a problem anymore!
I bring up why I go to their place to let you know that anyone can get tested and registered to be a living kidney donor. Hint, hint.

For more information on becoming a living donor in Canada, visit The Kidney Foundation of Canada. In the States, visit The National Kidney Foundation.

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