Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Do-Over for 2016?

If you're Canadian or "Canadian-adjacent" (are super-cool enough to have Canadian friends) then you already know this, but Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. This news came just over a month after Spirit of the West held their final concert and officially disbanded due to the health of two members. My life's soundtrack is at least 50% these two bands. So far, 2016 has pretty much sucked on the celebrity front.

Granted, none of these people are dead yet but teenage-me is pretty devastated knowing what's coming down the pipeline. 


Other that wonderful news which was a total Downie to read (feel free to groan and tell me how horrible that pun was), things have been going well. I started this week with a root canal because that's how every Monday should start. I am one more appointment away from being done with Phase One of the Great Teeth Fix. Phase Two is 18-24 months away so that's something to look forward to. </sarcasm>

I have also started counting the days until my trip. I take great satisfaction is writing a smaller number each day in my planner. (In this case, planner is a fancy word for the list I make of work tasks each morning.) It's a nice little pick-me-up to add to my large cup of coffee.

After much humming and hawing, and debating of prices, my brother has booked his ticket as well. He'll be joining me for the last part of the trip - also known as the fun part - to go on safari, abandon each other for a few days, and then head to Zanzibar. I'm excited to get to show him around "my" Tanzania. 

My coworkers from 2007. I can't believe I get to see them again soon!

Gym has been steady and regular, and I've had a few people comment that I'm looking thinner. Not going to lie, I enjoy those comments.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lay in my bed and listen to my favourite Hip song on repeat.

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