Monday, 25 April 2016

Now That I'm Not So Bummed About It

Last Tuesday, I received an email from my cousin in Russia. He’s had a baby in the past few weeks so I didn’t think twice about opening up an email with an attachment sent from his address.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I should know better – I do know better – but I was so excited about the thought of baby pics… stupid ovaries being all “cute babies, YAY!”

In the general scheme of things, I got off fairly easy. To use my laptop to do actual work (you know, for the people who pay me) from home, I log into the server and it backs up every night. When I load pictures, I immediately put them up on my closed picsa account (which I did learn the hard way). The volunteer work I do is loaded on a shared site so they can review the updates.

The only thing I lost was personal writing I was doing. I usually tend to have three or four writing pieces on the go at any one time, but because I was so focus on this one project… it’s a very dull and tarnished silver lining, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

I’m still bitter and probably will be for a while – I mean, I’m still bitter about a French handball in 2009 and the remarks a Quebec politician made in 1995 – but on the whole, I’m not as bad off as I could have been and I recognize that.

It also made me happy that I live in the future where Internet-capable phones are a thing. Entertaining myself with the Social Medias was still possible while I waited for programs to reload on my computer. Remember the dark ages when a computer going down meant you’d have to talk to your family? Yeesh!

Despite my near-total meltdown on Sunday – I really am not exaggerating when I say there were tears – things are going well. I still haven't stepped on a scale because morning me is forgetful as... as... I dunno, something. But I have upped my weights (again!) at the gym and there is less gut than there was before. Not enter-in-a-bikini-pageant less gut, but a noticeable-hour-glass-figure-is-developing less gut.

My eight days of being my manager are nearing an end. While it wasn't without a few hiccups, we're not going to hell in a handbasket like I told our Director we would. Yay, for the small victories.

I recently completed a review of all the information in our training database. It took roughly 2 weeks and I have never been so happy that I snuck in so many nerd references into the database. It was fun to sit at my desk and giggle as I reviewed the file for the fake company Godzilla Inc. which is located on Gorilla-Whale Rd. (And if you nerdifacts, you'll know why that's funny.) But the best laugh I got was when I reviewed the data my coworker put in.

This coworker was in charge of handling the creating of the training scenarios and the original implementation of the database. One scenario involved creating 20 employees on a group and she called down to me to give her names for the people. I started calling out names of my extended family including my cousin, Declan.

I found Declan in the replicator data during my review except she had named him Dekleyn.


Google tells me that de Kleyn/DeKleyn is a moderately common Dutch last name, but no examples of it as a first name. In fairness to her, it's not too far off the sound; but if you're not sure wouldn't you just ask the person who said it in the first place?

At any rate, I'm sad I didn't call out Donagh. Would have loved to have seen her version of that name.

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