Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Another Monday Down

Every Sunday night, I head to bed with the plan that I'm going to weigh myself first thing in the morning. The reason for this is for consistency in showing actual reductions in overall mass and not just "I took a really big dump after lunch and lost 5 lbs."

Every Monday morning, I remember that I'm going to do this as I'm walking out the door or already at work. Or sometimes I forget about it until Thursday.

But when I got up this morning... I totally forgot again.

Well, why not just do it another day of the week first thing in the morning?

Because I forget those mornings, too. Trust me. I've tried.

I really need to take a whiteboard marker to my bathroom mirror and leave myself a reminder. Something like "Is it Monday morning, dumbass? Then weigh yourself!" (Maybe I'll do that on my way to bed.)

Or I could write something nice. Whatevs!
While my ability to remember to step on a scale has been lacking, my attendance at the gym has not. To make it easier on my trainer's schedule, I moved from 6:30 am workouts to sometime after work workouts. I really thought I was going to hate them but I actually don't. I'm not super keen on the 5pm-everyone-just-got-off-work-and-went-to-the-gym workouts, but a little bit later is great. I have time to go home after work to grab a bite and the gym has cleared out enough I don't feel like screaming at people taking up my equipment.

Another important gym note: my trainer is Brazilian and I recently learned how to say "go [sorry mom] yourself" in Portuguese. These things are totally related.

This week is the start of 8 days of filling in for my manager while she's on vacation. She and I had a long meeting about what was coming on Friday, I took lots of notes, she sent me various follow up emails with files, etc. I sat down at my computer this morning and had couldn't make heads or tails of any of it. It was like my notes were in Russian. Then there were emails from people about things my manager and I had not discussed.

::breathes into a paper bag::

I already alluded to it on twitter but Business Kitty is my spirit animal this week. I might need to get a toy version of her for my desk.

Although, 1980s-something Spaceman would also be a pretty apt description of me at the moment.
I celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago. Every year I think that I should really do something for my birthday but I never do. My tentative Saturday-night-out plans were kiboshed when my one-drink-after-work Friday plans ended with us shutting down the restaurant. I'm mature enough to know that one night of heavy drinking on a weekend is enough.

Side note - hasn't this whole post just been a series of side notes? - my little brother and I planned out a pub crawl around Victoria after seeing this movie. It would have hit 9 pubs. We never did do it though. Hmm, summer goal perhaps?

The other two big things going on are that I'm back at studying Swahili and it's been going well, and Alumni Band is back on for another session.

I honestly don't think I could type a sentence that makes me more of a nerd than the one I just typed.

Only four more days to the weekend!

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