Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Canadian Election Update

Stephen Harper is still the Prime Minster of Canada... for like, 10 more days. Then Justin Trudeau will be sworn in and become the 23rd Prime Minister.

Harper will still be called 'The Right Honourable' for the rest of his days. I throw up a little in my mouth when I say that, but them's the breaks. Even John Turner, Prime Minister for 79 days, has the right to use that title.*

Trudeau, son of the late former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of fuddle-duddle fame, is leader of the Liberal Party and has successfully formed a majority government. It wasn't what I wanted vote-wise, but for now I'm focusing on the positives: the Conservatives are no longer in power, and while Harper will still represent his riding of Calgary-Heritage, he has stepped down as party leader.

I thought about posting an update last night except I had a few drinks because it was election night and I'm a political junkie. Instead of posting an update, I channelled my energy into singing about Harper's demise and sending What's App updates to my stepmom who is currently out of the country. These updates became less and less coherent as the night went on. I'm sure she was thrilled.

I also couldn't post earlier today because after work, I went out for dinner and a movie with a friend. What better way to celebrate Harper being booted than to watch Matt Damon being brought home? Which, coincidentally, is part of the defense I'm going to use when the cops finally find Mr. Damon tied up in my living room. But officer, the poster said "Bring Him Home" so I did!

This concludes the political interlude of my blogging.


Until the next election.

Unless Justin does something really stupid before then.

*Turner was not the shortest serving Prime Minister. That distinction is held by Charles Tupper but he died in 1915 so no one is calling him anything these days.


  1. Your last two posts perfectly summed up my feelings about this election!!! I am so happy we can finally get back to our regularly scheduled Canada, and start to focus on re-building what Harper tried to dismantle. I know Trudeau won't be perfect, but at least he actually cares about Canada (and Canadians) and I truly believe with the right support, he can get us back on track. I would have liked to see the NDP as the official opposition, but hey, this was a way better result than I was dreading (another Conservative majority, and it would have been the first time I seriously thought of emigrating). Oh and the Kermit GIF's are spot on :)

    1. Agreed. While I don't agree with some of the Liberal platform, I feel like they believe they have the best interest of Canadians at heart. That feeling was definitely lacking under the last government. And I was also considering what my options would be if Harper got in again; it would have thrown a real crimp in my current 5 year plan :)

  2. LOL I loved everything about this post!!! Especially the crazy excited Kermit at the top of it - mostly because that was basically me on election night! :P

    1. I'm surprised there wasn't a coast-to-coast earthquake with all the dancing that was going on that night :D