Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Reluctant Athlete: Land of GISHWHES

I was going to blog this week about goal setting and some of the goals I've set. But instead, you get this post about how I can't post because I've been too busying participating in GISHWHES to finish writing the post. I failed at my goal to write about goals.

But... but... but I'm having so much fun doing GISHWHES. I am so happy I drank way too much caffeine that one day and then told my friend we should sign up for it. Definitely going to be back next year to participate again. Unfortunately, under the rules of GISHWHES, I can't actually tell you what we've been up to yet. That has to wait until after the contest has closed and we've been given the all clear.

So, I'll talk about goals next week. (And I'll talk more about GISHWHES next week.) But, I can quickly say that I posted another loss this week so yay, me!

Now, back to making a fool of myself in the name of charity and random acts of kindness!

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