Saturday, 5 April 2014

How to Start Another Year

So, this is what I ate for breakfast today:

You only have a birthday once a year so you might as well do it right!

Being the mature adult I have grown into, I ended thirty-three by going to a showing of the Sound of Music movie which was a sing-along. All I can say is that my friend who isn't a huge fan of the movie used expressions like "best night of my life" and "let's do it again". If there is ever a Sing-A-Long-A-Sound-of-Music showing in your neighbourhood, iron your best dirndl, gather your group of friends, and go.

Can we also talk about what a fox Christopher Plummer is?
I'd leave a nunnery for him.

Tonight, I start thirty-four by going to see Danny Bhoy. Just in case you don't know who I'm talking about, you should check out this video.

I've only set myself one 'goal' for this year - and it's not really a goal, let's call it a plan- and that's to read all the books in my house. A seemingly ridiculously simple plan, really. See, I suffer from a horrible affliction in which I buy books and then never read them. Sadly, there is no known cure for this affliction despite so many people I know suffering from it.

If I had a staircase, it would look like this.

I have tons of books that I have bought and either a) started but not finished because a hold came in at the library and I needed to finish that first or b) never started because I was already in the middle of a book. I actually set this plan roughly a month ago... and then had six holds come in at the library. SIX!! Those six holds will have to be back by mid-April so then I'll only be reading books already in my possession. I've started making a list of all the books that fall into either of the categories.

By this time next year, I should have a pile of books that I can take to Russell Books and a couple of empty shelves... which I will probably fill up with more books, let's be honest. (And I don't plan to get rid of all the books, just the ones that I don't plan to read again or brag about.)

Question: On a scale from 1 to Christopher Plummer, how sexy do you think Christopher Plummer is?


  1. I had to go on a book diet because I had the same problem...then we moved and because we expected we might move again soon (and we have no bookcases right now) the books are in storage...and you know what, I did just fine with only the library. But I miss my books. I keep going to find a favourite, or a dictionary, and they're not here :(

    Also, Christopher Plummer ++++

    1. The book plan is really something I should have done years ago... well, better late than never! And I don't know how I'd stay sane with my books in storage. Hopefully you guys are soon in a place where you can unpack the books :)