Saturday, 15 February 2014

And Already February is Better than January...

I know all none of you are anxiously awaiting to find out how my very first macaron making session went. Well, I'm admitting that it occurred so that's a good sign. The taste was right, the look was good, but the texture was off. Still, they photographed nicely.

I knew what I did wrong as I did it so while I didn't share these with anyone, I will definitely give it another go. I learned an important lesson that everyone should know about making macarons, and I really can't stress this enough, make sure you have a Frenchman on speed dial. Honestly. It will make your macaron-making life so much easier.

Also, for someone who hates the French as much as I do (it's a soccer thing), I am racking up a fair number of French friends.

I did something else exciting last weekend, I booked plane tickets!

At the Giant's Causeway in 2011
I was very, very lucky growing up. My dad is an Irish immigrant so every couple of years we'd go there for the summer to visit the family. Sadly, I can't go for an entire summer like we used to, but I'll be back for a couple of weeks. Besides, at this age a couple of weeks is probably all my liver can take!

After my January of illness and crap workouts, February has been going much better. Lunchtime runs are back on and my attendance at the gym has been as regular as a Metamucil user. You're welcome for that lovely mental image, by the way.

Question: How about you? Any travel plans for 2014?


  1. I do have travel plans! Victoria and the coolest Downton Abbey themed garden party ever! :)

    1. We were just talking about that last weekend :) Plans are coming together! I can hardly wait.