Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sometimes You Need To Hear It From Someone Else

I started the year with the downer of getting sick. My reason for not really feeling like going out for New Years and struggling to make it to a hockey game on January 1st suddenly became apparent when I woke up with a fever and achy throat on the 2nd. I wasn't able to reach my manager at work so I left a message. She played it back to me once I returned to work... I couldn't even understand what I was saying and I left the message.

Obviously, 2014 was off to a rousing start!

Because my 37 hours of sleep followed by my fever breaking just before midnight so completely wrecked my sleeping pattern - I'm still having issues sleeping through the night, it's like I'm six months old or something - the first week and a half of 2014 were pretty much a write off and I was getting down on my big plans on getting to the gym. When I did get to the gym, I was frustrated by what I couldn't do and what I hadn't improved on. Despite the month not even being halfway over, I started to think I would end this year the same size I started it. Those thoughts were depressing.

Not going to lie. I have been known to eat my feelings.

Then the winners of my gym's December active challenge were announced and I had won a free hour-long training session with our trainer. I had won because I pushed myself to my limits every time I came to the gym and I was taking the initiative to be active outside the gym (hello, lunch time runs!). Maybe I can't do as many jab-cross combos as that girl or bicep curl as much weight as that girl, but I've been fairly consistent in my attendance and I always give the best that I can give at that moment. I needed that little external pat-on-the-back to remind myself that I am doing good.

And that is how you turn a not-so-great start to the new year into an awesome new year.

Question: How about you? What do you deserve a high five for right now?

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