Friday, 17 January 2014

Not a Real Post... Again

I wanted to post a real post tonight but the internet's been up and down more times than a white flag in the French army. Solution: write a small filler post, yell at the internet connection a few more times, write something offline later this evening, and then hopefully successfully post it tomorrow morning.

If there's not something here tomorrow morning, please have bail money ready. I will most likely be calling you at some point.

Anyway, on with the filler post. I got an email today for a new project at work showing the Project Resource Allocation Hours and my name was nowhere in the email. Every single person in my department is on this project but me.

I screamed with joy and rubbed it in the face of every single coworker.

I'm not joking. I did my Kermit Flail impression during our afternoon meeting today.

I love my job. I love learning new things, I love assisting in directing the changes that occur in our company, and I love teaching people knew skills and ideas. But I have been involved in all but one project that's come through our department in the last two years in some way. In many cases, it hasn't been to the same degree as my coworkers but I still have to learn the same policies and rules that they do to contribute my smaller amount of hours. I'm already committed 100% to another project which is why I'm not on this one, but now I have an emailed excuse for why I get to do diddly. I'll take it!

This, my friends, deserves a glass of wine tonight.

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