Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday Sundries

1. From Chek News, our local station, a short video about the work the VHGA is doing at Craigflower Manor.

Sorry, I can't get the embedded video to work so you can click here for the video instead.

I grew up very close to Craigflower so I have a soft spot for it and I'm excited to see what they do with the place. I did a walk-through when we had the Highland Games volunteer BBQ, and the work they've put into the space already is fantastic.

2. A little video to freak out anyone learning Spanish. De nada.

3. I've recently started watching a fantastic show on Netflix about population control called "Midsomer Murders".

If you didn't at least groan at my horrible joke, you obviously don't watch the show.

I used to love watching the show back when I still had cable - and the local station aired the show on Saturday nights which should tell you something about my social life - but I haven't seen it since I got rid of cable six years ago. Thanks to Netflix, it's now my background noise while work on various things around the apartment. Oh, DCI Barnaby. how I missed you.

4. This picture made my week.

And with that, have a wonderful week!

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