Monday, 19 June 2017

Sunday Sundries

It's another Sunday Sundries on a Monday. Meh... things happen.

1. On Saturday night, I headed to Phillips Brewery for the Under the Maltworks series. This month's movie was "This is Spinal Tap". I knew that we'd get a beer and a themed snack as part of the event, but we also got pins on our way out. So now I have a pin that goes all the way up to 11. It was a very enjoyable way to watch a movie, and I'm a bit bummed that I have a competing event for the next movie. That competing event is my friend's wedding so it is going to win the decision, but I did spend a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to do both.

2. "Thunderbird calls the people to the long house so they can witness. The act of witnessing is very important in our culture. To witness, you see, you hear, you experience, and then you go away from the place of witnessing and tell others what you witnessed." This explanation was given during the Git Hayetsk Dancers performance at the Aboriginal Cultural Festival this past weekend. So, this is my witness. I had a lovely time; I got to see my favourite dance piece by the Le-La-La Dancers, I enjoyed the Bison Taco from the Songhees Food Truck, I picked up Andy Everson's "Rise" to go with "Resistance" that I purchased last year (and at some point, I'm going to get "Defiance" to complete the set), and I finally bought myself a silver First Nations pendant I've been wanting to get (the design is Raven). I wish I could have stayed longer to watch more of the performances but it was cold and occasionally raining. After two hours, I was ready to head home. Because of the damp, cold weather, I didn't bring my camera this year so you'll have to make due with one of last year's photos.

Andy Everson is also one of the Le-La-La Dancers
3. My friends, Emma and Katie, and I have decided to start going to hikes once a month starting this Saturday. The long-term goal is a couple of short, multi day hikes next summer. While we have tentatively agreed that we will stop once the weather turns in October/November, I have a sneaking suspicion that Emma will convince us that the weather's not that bad. If it turns really bad, then we can always go snowshoeing.

If you're a Victoria-peep and are interested in joining us, let me know. I'll forward you our plan.

4. After finishing House of Cards, I started watching Riverdale. Wow. Archie and the gang have changed a lot since I used to pick up Double Digests as a treat when I was waiting inline at the store. At least Betty and Veronica still have the correct hair colour.

5. June 21st is National Aboriginal Day. If you're in Victoria, the Royal BC Museum is holding a participatory discussion on Repatriation. I hope I see you there.

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