Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I'm Sick; Thinking is Difficult

I spent my weekend wandering between my bed and the couch while fighting a slight fever. Now I have a lovely cough and nose faucet to go with it.


The best part? Our department is down to two people - my supervisor and me - due to the other two members being off on Short Term Disability. Two people: four projects. Working when you're sick is the worst!

I'm pretty sure I've got my supervisor in my pocket for any upcoming favours I might need to ask.

Despite the sickity-sick, I did get my tickets to Tanzania sorted and booked.

The foreground is the backyard (during the dry season). The row hedges marks the border with Arusha National Park. Yeah, this trip is going to suck ;) I am incredibly grateful that I have a job which can afford me the time and opportunity to do things like travel to Tanzania for an extended period. I really am very lucky in that regard.

Due to being confined to the apartment the entire weekend, I finally got around to watching Ex Machina. About bloody time!

I've had multiple people tell me that I need to see this film... now I totally get why! It's a bit slow moving in parts so I wouldn't recommend it if you can drift off easily in slow movies, but the slow also serves as a foil to the frenetic ending. I got sucked down the rabbit hole of YouTube fan theory videos after I watched it. There are some incredibly smart sci-fi fans out there that picked up on things I completely missed.

I also rewatched Inside Out. Because when you're feverish and emotionally compromised, you should totally watch a children's movie that made you cry when you saw it in theatres. Yup. Great idea. Really helped with the faucet nose.

If you watched this movie and didn't cry, you're dead to me. You and your cold, black heart can go sit in the corner!

The dreaded lurgy has also made the gym a no-go location this week. I'm a little bummed about that but when every walk causes a coughing fit... working out isn't exactly enjoyable. Still, I did manage to touch base with my trainer and we have a game plan set for how we're hitting the ground running once I'm able to breath again. It makes me feel like I haven't completely fallen off the workout train.

Have a great Wednesday, folks!

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