Thursday, 21 May 2015

Getting Political

Friday, May 22nd, Ireland is holding a referendum on marriage equality. If they vote yes, it is the first time ever that a country will legalize gay marriage by popular vote.

The majority of my family on Facebook have been very vocal 'yes' people. The rest haven't said anything which I'm hoping it just a 'not getting political on FB', but my dad's one out of 11 so there are bound to be a few who disagree with the yes-ers.

I will have RTE up on my computer tomorrow to keep an eye on the results. I am hoping for a YES because I believe in marriage equality. Allowing same-sex couples to marry does not affect my (hypothetical-at-this-point) straight or traditional marriage.

Also, I want a Yes vote because the No campaign is pissing me off.

On behalf of my father who lost his dad at the age of 8, fuck you No campaign.


  1. If that's the best the No campaign can come up, good luck to them. Wankers.

    1. They did the usual "lead to inter-species marriages" and "woman will be forced to be surrogates for gay couples." Ha ha, wait. What? How can anyone in a developed country be forced to be a surrogate unless there are a WHOLE lot of other illegal activities going on. In that case, sexual orientation is not the issue.

      Exit polls are showing a Yes win but the results probably won't be known until tomorrow.