Monday, 12 May 2014

Very quick update

Well, that time flew by!

The last week has been a blur of moving from one super busy moment to the next. In short, yay work for keeping me employed and very busy. Yay kickboxing and bootcamp for keeping me excited and very busy. Yay friends for keeping me laughing and very busy. Yay life for being too awesome to sit in front of a computer when I don't 'have' to.

And now, I get to spend some time slowing down with my family in Ireland. Did I say slowing down? I meant, drinking beer. I was hoping to have a video up here talking about words I say 'funny' because of Irish-immigrant parental figures (dad and stepdad) but I never found enough time to get it edited. I'm half-tempted to record myself the moment I get home so you can all hear my lovely, full-blown Irish accent. (For starters, it's 'family' when I talk about the people in Alberta. It's 'fam-ly' when I talk about the people in Ireland.)

In the mean time, I leave you with a picture of me in Donegal in 1986.


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